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About Madison Park Consultants, Inc.

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Madison Park Consultants is a financial services organization dedicated to the needs of professionals, business owners and higher net worth/income individuals since 1974. We are well known for our abilities in solving protection and asset accumulation challenges. As a Certified Financial Planner (CFP), Professional, my approach to planning is that our financial lives run on two parallel paths: One is the accumulation path where we establish financial objectives for a future event such as retirement. Because these goals are most often long term, it leaves open the potential for trouble. The other is the protection path that recognizes that things occur in our lives that can alter or entirely destroy those goals. Lawsuit, death and disability are just a few.

Madison Park is an insurance brokerage firm, representing many fine companies, allowing maximum flexibility in making product recommendations to clients.

Our philosophy of care is grounded in providing uncommon knowledge and product recommendation consistent with protection as the first priority. We emphasize full replacement that will last for life, versus traditional planning methods that rely on guesswork, linear math and other common insurance "packages." By following this method, there is a strategy to the overall plan that is reinforced by regular reviews/updates. Realizing that many programs are not synchronized to the client`s optimum outcome, we are in a position to evaluate and help restructure insurance/financial programs to better meet individuals needs.

Through careful analysis, we help our clients develop their own risk tolerance profile. Through asset allocation, we can develop an appropriate investment portfolio (or re-develop an existing program) consistent with the clients investor profile.


Credentialed professionals with thorough knowledge of the financial services industry. We support your decision-making process with useful, accurate information.


We help you decide what you need and we do the rest for you. We complete the task of product and company selection, saving you time.


Located in Westchester and Long Island and New York City, we are responsive to your call, with answers to your questions and a sense of urgency in supplying you with the information you need.


Quick, courteous and accurate.